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Evangelist Rob Crawford

It is said that it takes three weeks (21 days) to change your habits. This book is to take it one day at a time for twenty-one days to bring about a renewed mind, increased faith, and new and better habits.  
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 In our relationship and walk with Jesus Christ, we will face many hardships, storms, failures, and defeat; but God is always there with us. Guiding us, protecting us, and caring for us. As Christians we need to examine ourselves and our relationship with God, and how we are handling each situation and circumstance. 
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Pastor Candice Dow

Do you know that you can fall without failing God? For all have fallen short of His glory, yet none, ---not a single one of us, have fallen short of His grace. The integrity of Who God is... the depths of His love, the majesty of His dominion should ever encourage us to lift our eyes toward the heavens and smile. Be assured that He is lavishing His love upon us... with each sunrise, each downpour, each snowfall... with subtle whispers in the wind; for the Lord has purposefully set eternity in our hearts, that we may live out our forever, together, with Him in glory. Divine Alignment: Reflections of Grace 3.5.7. is a collection of free-flowing poetry and prose which captures the tender heart of an Evangelist throughout a season of her personal journey— Nothing happens by chance, but everything happens by faith. At a bare minimum, you have been divinely directed to this book; it takes faith to look within, and to seek a more transparent reflection of your very own heart upon the pages. Whether you select this title, or simply shelf the idea for now, promise that you will keep searching... devote your life only to that which holds eternal value and grow deeper in the knowledge of Christ Jesus... for you are indeed divinely aligned with the Cross. Beloved child of God, you have been created in and molded by the very image of divine (3) grace (5) perfected (7)… 3.5.7. Life is not what you make of it; Life is what you allow God to make of you... -In Jesus Name, Amen.

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